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At BHV Noordwest you can find courses held at central locations, as well as so called
'in company' training.

Welcome at the e-learning module that is part of the course "Basic Emergency Response Officer".

As an ERO you are, in case of an emergency, the appropriate person to provide the first necessary help while awaiting for the arrival of professional emergency services such as ambulance, fire department and police.

Every employer is obligated by law, to make sure that proper assistance in the field of emergency response is in place. The base for the ERO organisation in a company is the Risk Assessment & Evaluation (RI&E in Dutch). Based on residual risks and the nature and location of the company, the number of employees needed to be trained as ERO's will be determined. This varies per company. Each ERO must be capable to carry out all possible tasks.

In this e-learning module all tasks and skills needed to be able to adequately carry out these tasks, will be covered. Where in this text "he" is used, "she" can of course also be read.

The theory will be examined by means of a number of questions per section. Follow the link after each section in order to answer these questions. You can only answer each question once.

Great care has been taken to put together this module, however you can not derive any rights from this module. You yourself are responsible for correctly carriyng out the tasks of an ERO and adhering to the respective legislation.

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